Mega is Already Getting a Ton of Copyright Takedown Requests Because Obviously

By Mario Aguilar on at

Mega and Megaupload sprang forth from the same loins so maybe it's unsurprising that Kim Dotcom's latest venture into the world of file sharing is already running into problems. Here we go again kids.

On one hand, Torrent Freak reports user complaints that legitimate files are being targeted for removal by bogus DMCA takedown notices. The implication is that Mega's automated file takedown system is too sensitive, and that the copyright powers that be are attacking unjustly.

On the other, Dotcom has been vocal on his Twitter account saying that Mega hasn't been a target and that everyone is using Mega for legal reasons.

Kim Dotcom's obviously not the impartial party in this spat, but given the conflicting reports, we're wondering which one is it? Too many takedowns or hardly any at all? [Torrent Freak]