Microsoft: The Future of the Xbox Is Cloud-Centric Gaming

By Sam Gibbs on at

Here's an interesting titbit. Phil Harrison, VP of Microsoft's Interactive Entertainment Business, let slip that the future of the Xbox isn't about one piece of hardware, but cloud-based gaming. Maybe the Xbox 720 won't be all that revolutionary hardware-wise, then?

Apparently the Xbox will be more about a gaming brand across Microsoft's plethora of devices, and not just about a gaming console. We've already seen a lot of that from the Xbox Live integration within both Windows Phone and Windows 8, and even stretching as far as Android and iOS.

"Increasingly, the games are going to sit on the cloud. Instead of being device centric, they will be cloud centric."

"This vision is what influenced me to join Microsoft in the first place."

That's not to say the Xbox 720 won't be mind-blowing, of course, but Microsoft's gaming focus has certainly shifted. Like movies streamed on Netflix, it sounds like Microsoft's working on gaming you can start on your phone, pick up on your tablet, and then finish off when you get home on your Xbox. To make that work, the nature of hard-core games will certainly have to change; it's not like you're going to be able to do that with Call of Duty now is it? Having said that, if you can make that happen, Microsoft, on a Windows Phone with thumbsticks and everything, I'm totally sold. [CVG]