Microsoft's New Xbox May be Accompanied by "X-Surface" Gaming Tablet (Updated)

By Gary Cutlack on at

Two rather large new rumours have popped out concerning Microsoft's next-gen home console. The first concerns the machine's name, which is apparently going to be just "Xbox" -- akin to Apple's "new iPad" naming move. The other rumour is significantly more bonkers, suggesting a standalone gaming tablet known as X-Surface will accompany the home console.

These supposed facts, from Pocket-Lint's sources, claim Microsoft's long-rumoured 7" games portable will not be a Windows 8 or RT device, but will instead run its own Xbox OS dedicated solely to playing games and downloading all the media Microsoft currently shovels out through Xbox Live.

In terms of power, the site's source claims it saw Unreal Engine 3 tech demos running at a solid 60fps on this mysterious tablet, so it ought to be perfectly capable of running endless tedious FPS titles set in and around the second world war. And there may be other hardware, with Microsoft said to be planning a range of X-devices that use the lounge machine as one big hub.

It still seems a little bit of an odd thing for Microsoft to do. It has Xbox. The next-gen machine will be very powerful indeed, so how would an Xbox-branded gaming tablet be seen as anything other than a less-powerful, scaled-down version of that? It won't be able to play the same games as the home machine, so it'd suffer from the same sort of perception issues that Sony's PSP and Vita suffered from, surely? [Pocket-Lint]

Updated: So, it turns out that the "rumour" is just that, and Pocket-Lint's 'sources' consist of nothing but one hacked-off blogger with a Gmail account and the ability to create a semi-plausible rumour. Well trolled, sir.