Might Sony's PS4 Make an Appearance at Sony's February Software Party?

By Gary Cutlack on at

Sony's US people are holding a big party in Arizona next month, with the timing perhaps -- a big perhaps -- letting it show off some PlayStation4 goods for the first time.

The event is Destination PlayStation, an annual event where the publisher demonstrates its forthcoming software to the retailers who'll be given the job of selling it to the kids over the next year. With Sony finally chopping the PS2 and moving into full PS4 mode, it could use this event as a platform to start getting people pumped for its next console.

The event also features third-party titles from other game publishers. They often like to grab an early chunk of publicity by talking about their next-gen plans before the hardware makers, so there's a chance we might see something of PS4, even if it's just some Ubisoft tech demos. [Destination PlayStation via Slashgear]