Mobile Voice Calls Halve in Length, as we Can't be Bothered Talking Any More

By Gary Cutlack on at

Stats released by UK network Vodafone show that the length of time we spend talking on our mobiles has fallen by half over the last five years, as we now mumble a short excuse and save the chatting for other communications channels and apps.

The average mobile call is now one minute and forty seconds in length, whereas it was nearer the three minute mark five years ago. Vodafone's data covers personal and business use, so this new brevity culture is also being seen in the workplace.

Perhaps the novelty of mobile has worn off, or we're so hooked on staring at other smartphone features that using a phone to talk to someone is now little more than a pain in the arse that means you can't do Twitter, Facebook or Angry Birds. Or maybe it's a fear that battery life is so awful we're terrified to use them for their intended purpose and risk being left disconnected? [The Register]

Image credit: Mobile calls from Shutterstock