Naked Leo DiCaprio Lookalike Rescued From Chimney With a Crane

By Chris Mills on at

Breaking news from Berlin: a naked homeless man, on the run from the police no less, has had to be rescued from 10 metres down a chimeny. There are so many questions here: how did he get into the chimney? Why was he running from the police? How much money can you get from being a DiCaprio lookalike? And most importantly, WHY WAS HE NAKED?

Turns out that this guy has a bit of a history with the police. On Tuesday, he was arrested at an underground station after stripping off. He's also known to them for theft, criminal damage and slander -- so that's presumably why he was on the run from them, then.

The next thing we know is that the police were executing a search on an abandoned building yesterday when they heard muffled shouts coming from inside a chimney. They tried to haul their naked fugitive out with a rope, but that didn't work, so they summoned a crane. When that failed, they got a team of 20 firefighters to cut a hole in the building to extract the poor guy, who by now was suffering from hypothermia.

We're still not sure how long he was in the chimney, or how exactly he managed to do a fat Santa Claus in the first place. One thing we can all take away from this, though, is that if you're going to hide from the police in a chimney, wear some goddamn clothes. It's just embarrassing, man. [Bild]

Image credit: Chimney from Shutterstock