Need Another Screen on Your Laptop? HP's Got You Covered

By Sam Gibbs on at

Laptops are great, but when you need to get real work done, nothing beats a dual-monitor setup. HP hears you, and has a new U160 USB-powered 15.6-inch portable that you can sling in your bag. Road-warriors and tradeshow-bound bloggers, time to pop the champagne.

OK, so it's not exactly revolutionary, but it's only 1.5kg, so shouldn't cripple your back, and has an integrated flat stand once you get to your coffee-house office. The screen is both powered by USB and takes its signal over the one cable, while packing a 1366x768 resolution with a pretty puny 180-nit brightness, but if it was any higher specced you could kiss your laptop battery goodbye.

I have to say, if it makes it across the pond anywhere close to the £90 it'll be available for in the US this January, then I'll be sorely tempted. [HP]