Need Some Old Space Shuttle Facilities? NASA's Got a Deal for You

By Eric Limer on at

Ever since NASA started wrapping up its space shuttle program, it's had a lot of extra gear on its hands. The shuttles were sent off to retirement and other assorted equipment was cleaned out of the garage. Now NASA's game to lease or sell some of the infrastructure that's still hanging around at the Kennedy Space Center.

The list isn't publicly available, but it's thought to include things like launchpads, landing strips, and even the Launch Control Centre, all relics of a program that unfortunately no longer exists. NASA seems keen to turn some of these assets around quick before anything gets too old and busted from lack of repair, but it seems more than safe to say that any and all of it is completely out of a price range you'd even be able to fathom. Unless you're an evil billionaire with eyes on a moon-base or something. In which case, best of luck; someone's got to get back there. [Orlando Sentinel via Engadget]