Netflix Says Virgin's the Best ISP for Streaming its Films and Telly

By Gary Cutlack on at

The UK wing of Netflix has stirred up an angry man nest with its latest update on streaming speeds, claiming it's Virgin Media users who see the highest average download speeds on the service.

The site's stats, published in a blog post, say the average Virgin streamer sees a rate of 2.16Mbps when watching telly and films through their internet pipes, with O2 second on a little over 2Mbps, BT third on a similar number and the rest of our ISPs falling below the 2Mbps line.

Netflix says these average speeds, which fail to tally with our significantly higher broadband speeds, are due to the variety of encodes it uses, which sees many devices requesting lower quality feeds that don't tax connections to anything like their maximums.

In the mobile world, Vodafone tops the speed rankings, which is a bit odd given EE and Three's faster headline speeds, with users seeing an average mobile connection rate of 0.51Mbps when watching Nigella whisking up eggs under the bed sheets on a telephone. [Netflix]