Never a crossword: The 10 Best Puzzle Games

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Here’s a puzzle: why, with all the amazing games available for the GALAXY Note II, are you still doing a sudoku on your way to work?

Not to spoil the ending, but all the rows add up to 45. There’s more brain-teasing fun to be found in the Google Play store than in the back pages of all the papers in the world, so cross out that crossword and check out our top 10 mind-mashing apps!

Flow Free


It’s hard to fathom how plumbers can charge so much when the flood of plumbing-related Android games suggests we’re all pretty keen to play with a pipe or two.

Flow Free is one of the simplest yet most satisfying examples, offering a bright, basic interface that works well with the S Pen. Your task is to fill a grid with coloured pipes that don’t overlap, and while most levels are hardly a wrench, the later eight-by-eight grids will send you round the bend.

Cut The Rope HD


Despite its kid-friendly graphics, working your way through all 300 levels of Cut The Rope is anything but child’s play. The titular twine suspends sweets (for some reason), and cutting it at the appropriate moment will feed it to a cute little critter by the name of Om Nom.

Needless to say, it’s much trickier than it sounds, with bubbles, bungees and electricity all coming into play. A free, non-HD version [] is available, too, but cutting the ads is the way to go.



This steampunk sliding puzzler is guaranteed to get your gears going with gorgeous 3D gameplay and increasingly complex contraptions to build.

Use gears, pipes (more pipes!), balloons and more to complete gloriously Victorian gadgets over 50 levels, and unlock two challenge modes for each level as you go, pitting your inventive instincts against the clock or a maximum number of moves. Ideal for fans of Heath Robinson or Hugo.



The best of all the Scrabble clones on Android wins out over the likes of Words With Friends owing to its wider dictionary and option to play against a robot opponent at different skill levels – ideal if you like to puzzle alone.

There are plenty of social options, too, including private chat and Facebook integration, and there’s no limit to the number of games you can have on the go, so you can trounce all your friends, the AI robot and six million other Lexulous users all at once!



Kids loving playing with coloured blocks, and if Android apps are anything to go by, so do today’s adults! There are hundreds of games out there requiring you to match, move or meld multi-coloured squares, and this is one of the simplest yet most addictive.

You get 22 moves to flood the screen with one colour, by changing blocks to the same shade as their neighbours, and whether you win with flying colours or turn pink from trying, you’re guaranteed to come back for more!



Occupying that sweet spot between Backdraft and Avatar, Sprinkle sees you saving the blue inhabitants of Titan from fire, using your enormous water cannon.

The cutesy graphics disguise some very realistic physics, meaning you have to point your nozzle in all the right places if you’re to quench the flames before you run out of water, while all the classic platform puzzler pieces (buttons, doors, elevators, etc) must be negotiated using liquid alone!

Unblock Me FREE


In this age of angry birds and fruity ninjas, there’s something satisfyingly old school about shifting chunky wooden blocks around a six-by-six grid.

It might not make the most of the Note II’s feature-filled spec, but it is testament to its versatility. Simply slide the pieces around until the red one can be released at the right of the screen, then repeat. FOUR THOUSAND TIMES. And if that’s not enough levels for you, you can always go back to the start in search of the fewest number of moves.

Trainyard Express


Guiding trains into stations might not sound like the most obvious escape from your daily commute, but there’s much to be said for controlling the tracks yourself, if only for the empathy you’ll gain for real-life train operators.

Steam through the early levels and you’ll soon find yourself shunted into seriously tricky territory as you struggle to keep your trains on the right tracks. A paid version [] boasts entirely different puzzles, too.

Bus Parking 3D


If Trainyard just isn’t enough public transport action for yo’ travelpass, then you’ll want to check out the brilliantly dull-sounding Bus Parking 3D.

Its no-nonsense aesthetic (bus, bollards, concrete car park) is satisfyingly realistic, as are the physics, meaning you can actually claim to be honing your real-life parking skills as you work out how to heave a coach around increasingly complicated obstacle courses.

Angry Birds Star Wars HD


Just when Angry Birds looked set to conquer the world, it turned its attention to a galaxy far, far away.

Fans of both franchises will find plenty to enjoy across these 80 levels, and while it’s fun to see Star Wars settings in an Angry Birds style, the mash-up offers new gameplay, too, with lightsabers and blasters essential to each level. Though a free version is available, this high-def take looks great on the Note II’s HD Super AMOLED screen.


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