Nokia Music+ Offers Premium Streaming for Half the Going Rate, If You've Got a Lumia

By Eric Limer on at

Nokia launched its free, ad-free, Lumia-exclusive, and pretty sweet streaming music service "Nokia Music" in September of last year, and now it's upping the ante with a moderately priced paid version that comes with all the fixin's.

Nokia Music+ is pretty much like your paid versions of services like Spotify, but at just $5 ( £3.15) it bets most of its competitors on price. If you pick up the premium version of the service, you'll get higher audio quality, unlimited skips in radio-mode, lyrics, and last but not least, as many songs as you can download and fit on your colorful little handset for offline play.

The service is still playlist-based, so you can pick and choose your tracks, but the curation can prove to be a bonus, and at half the standard going rate of premium music services, it's a pretty good deal. Nokia has yet to announce what countries it's going to bring the new service to or when it's rolling out, but here's to hoping we're on the list. [Nokia via ZDNet]