North Korea Lets You Take Your Phone in, But There's no 3G or Any Gs

By Gary Cutlack on at

North Korea has stopped confiscating the mobile phones of tourists when they enter the country, instead getting with the programme and flogging international SIM cards to visitors when they arrive. We will make a capitalist hell out of it yet.

While visitors to the country will now be able to wow and amaze locals with their space-age Galaxy Note IIs and iPhones, they won't be able to use them to make local calls or use any mobile data. The North Korean SIMs only grant access to the international calling network, so you'll be able to phone home but won't be allowed to text the locals, although one report claims these SIMs do let phones connect to local hotels and embassies.

China's news agency says the change came in this year, with a batch of tourists who visited the odd communist country allowed to keep their mobiles during a trip in early January. Perhaps this was just to keep Eric happy? [BBC]

Image credit: North Korea from Shutterstock