Now This is What I Call a Skeleton in the Closet

By Chris Mills on at

We all know that those hallowed centres of learning, Oxford and Cambridge, have some serious history. But some of it's a bit grim -- specifically, this human human skeleton, found by builders creepily close to an Oxford college, right next to a spent bullet casing. Suspicious.

The skeleton was unearthed by builders on Wednesday in the back quad of Wadham College, Oxford. Although the police turned up to have a poke around, they declared it a non-suspicious death, at least until they know the age of the skeleton. Chances are, though, that the skeleton is the remains of a monk, since the college used to be a monastery or priory or whatever it is that monks hang out in.

Even if the police are saying it's non-suspicious, my guess is it gave the students the fright of their lives. Plus, Dan Brown now has material for at least another two books. Old Oxford Colleges, secret societies, skeletons buried next to bullet casings? Sounds like top-quality conspiracy fiction to me. [The Independent]