OKCupid's New Blind Date App Aims to Find You Love (Or Random Sex) on the Fly

By Leslie Horn on at

It's 3PM on a Tuesday, and your friend bails on dinner. What are you going to do? Try this: Fire up OKCupid's new app, CrazyBlindDate, and make yourself some romantical plans for the evening. Maybe you'll find love. Maybe you'll get laid. Maybe you'll meet an insane person. Adventure! The app, which launches today in Android and iOS flavours, aims to be your go-to-source for last-minute-love.

OKCupid tried the aptly named CrazyBlindDate as a web-based service back in 2007, but it was largely a failure. It might be more successful as an app, because the spontaneous behaviour associated with a blind date is more suitable to mobile than it is a website. Plus, the app uses location as a criteria for a match, and in both real estate and romance, location is key.

The mobile Yenta will suggest four potential dates based on OKCupid's algorithm, which (disclaimer!), may or may not select someone totally batshit crazy. Love is surprising. You do at least get to see your date's name, age, and face, but that's it. And post-date, the app asks you how it went. Total bust? You pay nothing. You fell in love or at least copped a cheap feel? Cough up a little moolah. [CrazyBlindDate via BBW]