Ouya Android Console Hitting UK Shops This March, For £99

By Gary Cutlack on at

After successfully milking Kickstarter for millions upon millions of pounds, the Ouya console is nearly ready for its global launch. Apparently we'll be able to pick up the Android gaming cube and controller for £99 this March.

That's not hugely exciting, as it's already possible to pre-order them through the site for a little less and a delivery slot in April, but it does mean Ouya could be looking at some serious mainstream success if it manages to get hardware stocked around the country in your traditional retailers for less than 100 quid.

As well as launching the initial machine, Ouya is said to be looking at developing an upgraded model that would be capable of outputting 3D images to TVs and monitors, bringing the option of affordable stereoscopic gaming to the masses.

Ouya is going to have quite a battle on its hands, though. Stacks of other Android gaming solutions are in the pipeline, with one particularly exciting option just revealed by Nvidia. And we suspect the £99 price tag is going to look pretty expensive later this year, once the Android game console floodgates have been fully wedged open by the Chinese hardware makers. [Pocket-Lint]