PAYG Sky Sports Opening up to Non-Subscribers For... £9.99 a Day

By Gary Cutlack on at

Sky is finally ready to push ahead with its plan to offer non-subscribers instant access to its hallowed sports channels, with the satellite broadcaster offering casual sport fans the chance to buy 24 hours of access for £9.99 from this spring.

The move will include all of Sky's six sports packages and channels, so it'll be possible to pay £9.99 to watch one Premier League football match through the Sky Now app and web site, then pad out the other 22 hours watching rugby, cricket and whatever US sports it uses to fill the evenings.

As most buyers are likely to be paying this fee to watch one high-profile event, it's clearly going to be an enormous money maker for Sky. Plus a tenner a shot to watch one or two key football matches or F1 races a year is a much more affordable option for casual sports fans than paying for a full Sky account. [Guardian]

Image credit: Bowling from Shuterstock