PayPal's Accidentally Quadruple-Charging Customers

By Chris Mills on at

Bought something on PayPal recently, and had your payment taken multiple times, but the seller's claiming he's got no money? Yeah, you're not the only one. A website snafu is causing the big 'Pal to overcharge buyers and not reimburse sellers, and Twitter's getting quite angry about it.

The problems seem to have started around 24 hours ago, and businesses and customers took to Twitter to vent their frustration at PayPal. Apparently, customers were getting an error notification when paying, but when they go to their account, they see that payment has been taken three or four times. The flip side is, the businesses aren't getting the cash either. Some places like Etsy disabled PayPal altogether, whereas other sites took to tweeting their woes out:


PayPal responded, saying:

Since then, they've said they've fixed the issues, but some users are still complaining of the same problems. Although PayPal gets some stick for heavy-handed businesses practices, one thing in its favour is that it's normally reliable. If it keeps up stunts like this, though, it could start losing customers. [The Inquirer]