Pentax MX-1: This Camera's "Retro" Style Might Be Past Its Prime

By Mario Aguilar on at

Pentax is a classic imaging company and so you've got to let them have their own crack at building a camera that looks old school, right? In theory! But MX-1 feel just a smidgen late to the party.

You see with the retro-styled cameras from Fujifilm, something still feels fresh. In fact, just today, Fujifilm regurgitated a refresh of two black and silver X-series cameras, and it still didn't feel like it was played out because they were packed with some awesome new imaging technology throughout its guts.

Now we've got nothing against the brass-body design necessarily, and this point-and-shoot has some undeniably slick features. We love that it's got a super fast f/1.8 lens and some manual controls familiar to the mode dials of DSLRs, like program and aperture or shutter priority modes.