Piracy? What Piracy? Hollywood Sets Box Office Record, Again

By Gary Cutlack on at

Total box office takings in the US stormed to a record high in 2012, with nearly $11bn paid by punters to see films. So much for piracy killing the Hollywood dream.

According to data published by Box Office Mojo, 2012 also saw a record number of films released in the US, with 655 titles battling for their share of the $10.8bn cash pile.

The money-making record would appear to support recent suggestions that piracy actually helps boost box office takings, with online word-of-mouth recommendations from illegal downloaders helping build hype for films and encouraging people to take a punt on something they'd usually avoid.

The key thing that'll determine how vigorous the war on piracy remains is how downloads are impacting on DVD and Blu-ray sales. Sure, we might still go to see films for something to do especially on a Wednesday if someone's got a free ticket going spare, but surely the main financial damage is caused when the HD rips hit the file sharing sites around disc launch time? [TorrentFreak]