Playboy Gets a £100,000-Slap Across the Face From Ofcom

By Sam Gibbs on at

Looks like Playboy's been a naughty bunny. Ofcom's fined the smut-peddlers for doing what they do best, all while not protecting the kids well enough. Apparently anyone could gob an eyeful of hardcore with a just few clicks, no credit card required.

Ofcom found that Playboy didn't have significantly stringent controls to block minors from accessing porn. The usual trick is requiring a credit card, even if there's no charge, as that pretty much guarantees the user is 18, or has pinched their Dad's card at the very least. Basically, it looks like Playboy was offering a free taster to get punters to shell out for a subscription, but it failed to verify age in an appropriate manner.

Ofcom fined Playboy's Demand Adult and Playboy TV, £65,000 and £35,000 respectively. I understand that we don't want our kids getting scarred for life by the horrors of hardcore smut, but surely when you can access literally legions of sites offering "free porn" with a quick search, this seems a bit moot? Still, it's better than auto-blocking all adult content for everyone, I guess. [Guardian]

Image credit: Search from Shutterstock