Possibly Deranged Analyst Claims Google+ Now Outranks Twitter and YouTube

By Gary Cutlack on at

New stats from a company calling itself GlobalWebIndex claim Google+ is now the second most popular social site in the world, eclipsing Twitter and YouTube with only the Facebook goliath ahead of it.

GlobalWebIndex's data claims Google+ grew by 27 percent in its figures for December 2012, taking it up to a total global user base of around 343m.

Which is growth we can believe, as Google's doing a great job of literally forcing people to use, or at least look at, Google+. Gmail now tells you you have "circles" even if you've never used G+, the company has made using it compulsory if you want to review and rate games and apps on its Android app store, plus the way it adds weight to search results forces any blogger to whore it out like nobody's business if they want to stay in the SEO game.

GlobalWebIndex claims its figures represent active web users rather than those who've signed up once then not touched it again, so... perhaps Google+ isn't the empty city we've been led to believe. [GlobalWebIndex via Techradar]