Pretend You're Important With Your Very Own National Heritage Plaque

By Gary Cutlack on at

This is the ultimate novelty gift. Your own personal blue plaque, totally customisable to claim you are/were amazing and contributed to society in some way, to adorn the front of your house and fascinate tourists.

While the government's cut in English Heritage's funding means we may see the official blue plaques disappear from our historic streets, you can now generate your own to commemorate that key event in your life event. You may wish to mark the hallowed bit of ground where you first found a discarded pornographic magazine, or the bus shelter of historic importance where you consumed your first entire can of Special Brew.

The bespoke plaques come in metal for £110 or durable plastic for a stonking £300, and can be completely customised online to suit the way you'd like to be remembered. [Firebox]