Prince Harry: Gaming's the Answer to Being an Awesome Apache Gunner

By Sam Gibbs on at

Who said gaming's a complete waste of time and doesn't furnish you with any valuable life-skills? Not Prince Harry, that's for sure. He puts his prowess as an Apache gunner down to his quality time spent playing his Xbox. Yep, shooting the hell out of people Call of Duty helps Harry, errr, shoot the hell out of people in his chopper.

We've heard many a warfighter say that there's value in the thumb dexterity you get from gaming, but that's primarily from the fact that drones and other fly-by-remote stuff actually use Xbox 360 controllers. Anyway, Harry's certain his gaming has helped him blow away insurgents, so if you want to be an Apache pilot or gunner, get gaming folks. Is anyone else slightly disturbed that our Prince is off firing Hellfires at people? [Telegraph]