Professional Fun-Spoilers: 'There's No Spitfires Buried in Burma'

By Chris Mills on at

Apparently, anyone who was harbouring hopes of flying 'round in a vintage Spitfire should give up hope now. The project that was aiming to dig up some Spitfires supposedly buried in Burma after WWII has turned up nothing but mud and some bits of old runway.

According to legend, at the end of WWII, 124 disassembled Spitfires were put in crates, and then buried at Lord Mountbatten's orders. After excessive amounts of effort (involving meetings between David Cameron and the Burmese President, no less), an operation funded by Belarusian site set out to dig up the Spitfires. They collected historical evidence of the story, and even conducted scientific tests that seemed to show high levels of metal in the right places.

Sadly, after a week of digs, the crack archaeologists turned up nothing but bits of old metal runway. The project leader, one David Cundall, maintains that there are Spitfires somewhere, they're just looking in the wrong places. Still, considering that both the archaeologists and the company backing it have said that they've failed, I think we can consider this myth well and truly busted. [BBC]