Pure's Going All-Out With Its Sonos-on-the-Cheap Jongo Multi-Room Speakers

By Sam Gibbs on at

Pure's attempting to capture the multi-room audio market for the budget-conscious. Having already shown off the decent Jongo S340B, Pure's now got a much beefier T640B 100W  'room filling' wireless speaker to pair with it. Plus it's also showing off a wireless hi-fi adapter, so you can use your own, existing speakers. Decent multi-room audio on-the-cheap might finally be go.

Pure Jongo T640B Wireless Speaker

The T640B will set you back around £250, but promises to replace your traditional stereo with "rich, detailed and expansive audio" thanks to two custom designed, five inch full-range drive units with dual-concentric tweeters. We haven't had ears on with this thing yet, but it should sound pretty decent, in theory. Packing both Wi-Fi for Jongo-system integration and Bluetooth for local streaming, it should have you sorted for music.

Pure Jongo A140B Wireless Hi-Fi Adapter

Meanwhile, if you're a roll-your-own kind of chap, the £100 A140B wireless hi-fi adapter will just hook into the auxiliary port of any audio system. If you're after something a bit higher quality, the 24-bit DAC will also spit out both optical and digital coax to preserve audio quality.

You'll be able to control the entire system using either one of Pure's connected radios, like the Sensia 200D, or the Pure Connect app for Android and iOS, which means you can do all this from an iPad, if that's how you roll.