Report: Apple Testing iPhone 6 Right Now

By Sam Biddle on at

HERE WE GO AGAIN, GUYS. It's barely 2013 and we can officially kick off the hysterical iPhone 6 rumouring: The Next Web talked to iOS devs who are seeing The Next New iPhone testing their apps. Now.

This isn't surprising, of course — we know there's a new iPhone coming, and there will be a new iPhone after that, and after that, until western civilisation collapses. But TNW also says iOS 7 is making an appearance in developer usage logs alongside the test hardware, which were running on IP addresses from within Apple HQ. Last year, iOS 6 didn't start to pop up like this until a month before WWDC in June — is Apple going to drop a peek at the next giant software update earlier than usual? Or are their engineers just putting in overtime to renovate the somewhat stale mobile OS? Both? Neither? We have no clue, and neither does anyone outside of Apple. There are also zero hints as to what kind of specs are in these test units. It's probably faster.

But we can at least know this: Apple is probably testing your next iPhone right now. It's probably in someone's pocket right now. [TNW via 9to5Mac]