Report: Nokia Will Launch a Full-On PureView Windows Phone This Year

By Jamie Condliffe on at

Rumours are emerging which suggest Nokia is planning to launch a "true PureView Windows Phone" — codenamed EOS — some time later this year.

The Verge claims that the new handset will use a sensor similar to the crazy-arse, 41-megapixel Nokia 808 that delivered on camera specs but not on phone features. At the launch of the 808 Nokia muttered something about a Windows version appearing at some point — and this could well be it.

The Verge's source claims that the rumoured EOS phone will be billed as a high-end Lumia model in the company's range later this year. Recent rumours suggest that the whole Lumia range is up for a remake, trading in the disticitve primary-colour polycoarponate for a sleek aluminium design — something that the Verge's source says will also be the case for EOS.

As with any rumour it's best to take the news with a fistful of salt, but given Nokia's enthusiasm for the PureView concept it seems likely that a high-spec camera could be in the Lumia range's future. [Verge]