RIM's Developer Bribery Is Working

By Gary Cutlack on at

RIM's BB10 ambitions are coming along nicely, with developers responding in huge numbers to the blatant cash bribe offered to get their apps up on BlackBerry App World and ready for BB10's imminent launch.

The sudden influx of BB10 apps isn't entirely due to optimism about a return to form for the struggling BlackBerry maker. RIM has been running a "Port-a-thon" event, where developers are given $100 a time in return for making their tools work properly with BB10. If you're an amateur developer with 20 crappy Android wallpaper apps floating about, it's been a very profitable week.

Rim's Alec Saunders, the mobile firm's VP of developer relations, announced on Twitter that some 15,000 BB10-ready apps appeared on BlackBerry App World over the weekend thanks to the cash giveaway incentive, helping the company brace for the world's reaction to its new phone on January 30th. [The Register]