Rocksmith for PS3 is Your "Eat My Axe-Grinding Fretwizadry, David Bowie" Deal-of-the-Day

By Andy Dawson on at

Today's big news seems to be that ageing, tune-wielding chameleon David Bowie has come back from the dead and is ready to rock and pop his way up the hit parade once more, with his first album in a decade.

But why should he get all the glory? Why can't YOU be hip-thrusting stage-writhing, warbling glory-magnet as well? Well for a start, you've been wearing that onesie for the past five days and you haven't seen daylight in 2013, but hey, keep working at it. You could always start by treating yourself and your PS3 to Rocksmith -- you can plug ANY guitar into it and use it to teach yourself how to be a axe-grinding fretwizard. It even comes with the Real Tone cable, which you'll also need in order to make your dreams come true. Hurry though -- it's only £26.29, but it won't be that cheap forever. Move over Bowie, it's 2013 now...


Today's Bonus Dealz

Sapphire HD6450 512MB graphics card -- just £18.49.
- The Robert De Niro Collection (Blu-ray) -- yours for £8.95 @ Zavvi
- PS Vita (wi-fi & 3G) with 4GB memory card - only £179.99 with selected game for £15.00.
- Xbox 360 4GB Slim with Kinect (includes Kinect Adventures) -- only £157.49.
Buffalo 2TB external hard drive -- just £69.99.
Kick-Ass: Universal 100th Anniversary Edition (Steelbook Blu-ray) -- only £7.49.
ZombiU (Wii U) -- yours for £32.99.

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