Facebook's Big Announcement Is a Google-Killing Search Engine (and No One Will Care)

By Chris Mills on at

So, not content with merely having our souls, it looks like Lord Zuck wants to rule the world of search as well. By now, you've probably heard that Facebook is holding a big dramatic press conference this evening, at which they've promised to unveil something big. Problem is, Facebook's press conferences are normally dull tedium-fests, so we're not holding our breath on this one.

Way back in 2010, Facebook held a press conference, promising the international hordes of journos something "exciting". It turned out to be Facebook email. (Yes! That, right there, was the first time you've though about Facebook email in two whole years.) In 2011, they promised "something awesome" -- which turned out to be a Skype tie-in that nobody's used since. Basically, Facebook's big launch speeches turn out to be a massive flailing white elephants that everyone gets really excited about and then very quickly forgets.

This means that Pocket-lint's rumour that the "big announcement" is a search engine is actually quite believable. While speculation's running rampant about the mythical "Facebook phone", history would suggest that it's actually some petty software-end upgrade that Zuck, like a proud billionaire daddy, wants to show off to the world to prove how clever he is.

Pocket-lint suggests that the search would expand to content beyond Facebook, in an attempt to make Facebook a good homepage for people, and allow them to bypass Google altogether.

While I would welcome a re-vamped search (a feature Facebook sorely needs because its current search makes the Yellow Pages look advanced), I don't think Google has anything to worry about, yet. Google tried "social search", and although it's a decent product, it hasn't really taken off.

Google has a fairly solid stranglehold on the search market at the moment, and it's sure as hell going to take one killer product to kick them off their extremely high horse. Going from the history, this new Facebook product won't be some killer project at all; but there's a fair chance that it will be an improvement in search of some kind. Either way, we've only got until 1800 GMT wait. [Pocket-lint]