Samsung Preparing Quad-Core Nexus 10 Upgrade?

By Gary Cutlack on at

Rumours suggest that Samsung's hard-to-buy Nexus 10 tablet is about to receive a small hardware update, with the Korean maker of glossy rectangular items said to be working on a new quad-core version of its Nexus 10.

According to a bizarrely worded report over on Bright Side of News, developers complained that the Nexus 10's dual-core Exynos chipset struggled a little when managing the tablet's enormous 2560 x 1600 resolution display, leading to the decision to stick an enhanced quad-core processor alongside an eight-core Mali T628 GPU in a future model.

Hopefully it'll also make more of the things this time as well. The Nexus 10 has been even harder to get hold of than the Nexus 4, with Google almost continually out of stock of the things since launch last year.

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