Samsung's Giant Amazing Ultra-HD TVs Are Imprisoned In Horrible Metal Bars

By Sam Biddle on at

Boom, here we are, the year of 4K. How high? Ultra high. Samsung's releasing the biggest 4k TV of all time plus the 85-inch model can be seen up top. But they're tragically confined to that horrific Industrial Age "gallery frame" contraption. It's not removable. Ever. It's like taking a beautiful bird of paradise and then sticking it in shackles and enormous iron bars from the Tower of London.

There's no doubt that this thing, despite looking like a soviet chalkboard, is massive, and beautiful, and everything wonderful that can be wonderful about a TV — and the 110-inch model will be that but even massive-er (we'll get a look at that soon). Samsung consistently makes among the most dazzling picture panels you'll find anywhere on the planet. It's stellar.

But who in christendom thought that frame that anyone who isn't a factory foreman would want that giant swinging frame thing in their home? It looks like it was welded together in some sort of post-apocalyptic bunker. Why not just use a regular stand? Why scaffolding instead? Why? No word on pricing and availability, which I've typed so many times at CES this year that I'm losing feeling in my fingers, but you won't be able to afford this for many years, so why even bother.

I'm also afraid this is the "new shape" of TV that Samsung teased earlier, which makes me want to weep and choke. [Businesswire]