See How Fat and Wrinkled You'll Get if You Don't Calm Down on the Red Wine

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Scottish government has launched its latest war of the ravages of alcohol abuse, which includes a smartphone app that attempts to illustrate the harsh ageing effects brought on by the happy sauce.

The app, which is out now on Android, takes a photo or lets you load one previously taken, then applies a face warping and wrinkling effect dependent on how many glasses of wine you consume a week. The message being that lowering consumption by drinking smaller glasses of wine could stop you getting such a pockmarked and battered old face a few years from now.

Above you see what happens when a two-year-old starts drinking more than 10 glasses of wine a week. Devastating. He's going straight back on the Ribena. [Drink Smarter via The Verge]