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It’s cold and wet outside, and post-Christmas it becomes increasingly hard to get up the gumption to venture out into the big bad world to restock the pantry. Fortunately, as the processing power of smartphones and the quality of shopping apps has increased, the dream of doing your weekly shop from the comfort of your own bed has become a reality.

And if you have the GALAXY Note II, with all that extra screen real estate in which to view and review your purchases, hassle-free shopping has never been so easy to do. What’s more, the GALAXY Note II’s super-handy Photo Note feature can also be used as a neat shopping tool, letting you save photos of products on the web and write a personal message on the back of them using the S pen.

So if you’d found a great deal on something, or found a gift idea for a friend, you could save a picture of it to your phone with a note on it, or send it on to your friends for their consideration. Photo Note is great for making notes for just a note memoir or a shopping tip.

Here are the best phone shopping apps for buying the essentials (and not-so essentials) in life whether you are on the go or just hiding under your duvet...

Ocado on the Go


One of the more visually pleasing shopping experiences, this image-led online Waitrose store is perfect for the Note II’s expansive display.

This app lets you see your basket as a pictorial display so it’s just like looking in your shopping trolly to see if you’ve forgotten anything.



As well as the usual ability to shop on the go (or, in this case, from your bed) the Tesco app also does a recipe finder, allowing you to buy all the ingredients for a specific meal and use the suggested recipe to make it.

Tesco Direct also adds a large variety of cheap furniture and electrical goods to choose from, as well as just groceries. You can also add your Tesco Clubcard details to your phone so you always get your loyalty points added to your shopping (and should you ever venture in-store they can simply scan your phone if you forget your Clubcard).



Not only does the Sainsbury’s app combined with the Note II put the entire Sainsbury’s store in your hand, the app also lets you receive deals and offers not available in the physical supermarket, and you can use its meal plan feature to plan out your week’s needs.

You can check out your Nectar points and offers with the app too.

Amazon Mobile


Thanks to the collection of other sub-stores Amazon has gathered under its wing, literally anything can be bought from this Amazon app, and usually at a very good price.

You can easily price check your best prices found elsewhere with Amazon price check to see who offers the best deal and you can sync your account details, shopping basket and wishlists with your web account. With one-click purchasing enabled, you may never have a faster shopping experience than that offered by Amazon Mobile.

Online Shopping UK


Don’t want to have to flip between shopping apps to see who is offering the best prices?

Online Shopping UK compares high street store and online prices from everyone from Argos to Amazon and let’s you buy direct from the store all in one app. Comparative shopping has never been so easy.

Google Shopper


Google Shopper offers you a one-stop-shop for your phone retail experience. With information on millions of products Google Shopper can find the product you're interested in buying via barcode scan, voice description, text search or taking a picture of the cover art (should you have it with you in bed!).

It will then bring up the best prices from the Google shopping database and also provide details on local sales and deals. The picture-led design is another that lends itself very nicely to the Note II’s amply sized screen too.



Here’s another way to check you really are buying a product at the cheapest price. The PriceGrabber android app puts the price comparison powers of the PriceGrabber website at your fingertips, letting you quickly compare prices on millions of products from thousands of online merchants.

It also offers consumer reviews, to help you make the most informed decisions wherever you are shopping.



The eBay app is virtually indistinguishable from the browser version in terms of functionality, so it’s never been easier to bag a bargain from the world’s most popular auction site.

Viewing large images of potential products is easy on the Note II, and the official eBay app will let you buy, bid on, track and receive notifications about products you are interested in. It’s well worth a browse for cheap purchases from your pillow.



Want to be inspired for gift ideas and don’t know where to turn? Fancy may well be your app. It’s described as ‘a place to discover, collect and buy from a crowd-curated catalogue of amazing goods, wonderful places and great stores’.

Imagine a Pinterest-style discovery experience with the advantage that most things are for sale. Be careful though, Fancy can be pretty pricey and it is a sure fire way to get you spending money you don’t have on things you don’t need.



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