Simply Share Video on the Big Screen With the Xperia Z Magic

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Sony's Xperia Z gives you the best of Sony in one package, a bundle topped by its stonking great 5" BRAVIA Reality Display. But for those times when five inches just aren't enough, one-touch mirroring tech makes sharing your mobile media with bigger displays a doddle.

Proper media integration is one area where Android phones have struggled to come up with a seamless solution for sharing files with other devices. That's where one-touch mirroring comes in. It's an officially certified platform approved by the Wi-Fi Alliance; has been adopted as part of the Android code from the "Jelly Bean" Android 4.2 release and is one of the Xperia Z’s many high-end software tools.

The idea behind it is simple. One-touch mirroring wants to make one-click sharing with other devices possible, so smartphone users can ping their own videos and any films they've purchased on their mobiles to bigger screens. Because sometimes it's only polite to let other people watch the film as well.

One-touch mirroring supports full 1080p transmission through Wi-Fi, so any HD movies captured with the Xperia Z's impressive 13-Megapixel camera will make perfect test clips for dazzling people with your amazing mastery of wireless beaming.

And it doesn't just work with films. The one-touch mirroring tech also lets you stream games to a bigger screen, mirroring the phone's output on the larger display, meaning your Xperia Z can be used as a wireless games console that beams all the action to your BRAVIA telly (or indeed any capable TV) -- providing your big screen is Miracast compatible or you've got the appropriate dongle adaptor.