Sky's Oh-So-Generous Giveaway Has Backfired Badly

By Chris Mills on at

Did you know that Sky's giving away a smidgeon of its programming on Freeview channel 11 on Thursday evenings? Well, you do now. It's nice of them, but giving stuff away to the public while shafting its paying customers isn't going down well on Twitter at all. #freeskythursdays turns up a whole lotta abuse right now, following in a hallowed trend of PR stunts backfiring.

It doesn't help that Sky's advertising the fact with:

Arraywhich reads more like "Poor people rejoice! The mighty Sky overlords are letting you peons glimpse, for an evening, how the priviledged people live!" Thanks ever so much for the free stuff -- honestly, I'm not going to begrudge a giveaway -- but you could sound a little less like a Roman emperor throwing bread to the starving peasants.



And my personal favourite: