Sony All But Announces Its Flagship New Monster-Phones

By Chris Mills on at

CES is so close we can almost touch it, but Sony seems to have jumped the gun a little, leaking official press shots of the two phone/phablet things it's probably going to debut in Las Vegas next week. Steady on there boys, just a week more to wait.

The shots and names are in line with the ton of prior leaks: The Xperia Z "Yuga" and ZL "Odin" (pictured left and right respectively) are both reputed to pack 5-inch 1080p screens, with quad-core Snapdragon processors doing the heavy lifting and a mammoth 13-MP sensor on the back for all those shameless selfies. No particular surprises here -- the only odd-looking thing is something on the bottom right of the ZL that might be the front-facing camera hiding down in the corner there.

Sony hasn't quite yet confirmed either device's specs, but it's probably safe to say that the phablet market is set to get a little more crowded. Sales of manbags and jeans with monster-sized pockets are reportedly soaring. [Sony via Engadget]