Specs Leaks: the Xbox 720 Will Get Pwned by the PS4

By Chris Mills on at

With any luck, the next generation of big-boy gaming consoles is just a few months away, so the leaks are starting to come thick and fast. According to unnamed "developer sources", the PS4 will--specs-wise, at least--totally own the Xbox's sorry arse.

According to respected gaming blog VG247, the PS4 will have a run-capability of 1.84 teraflops, whereas the Xbox will have to make do with a measly 1.23 teraflops. If these numbers are true--and given the source, we're inclined to think they're in the right ballpark--then the PlayStation will have a good 50 per cent raw power advantage over the Xbox.

Mind you, there are some other leaked specs that swing more in the Xbox's favour -- Microsoft's machine will supposedly pack 8GB of RAM to the PS4's 4, giving it a serious memory advantage. Microsoft is also reputedly sticking a Blu-ray drive into the Xbox 720, nixing the hi-def-video-playback advantage that the PS3 currently holds.

Still, hopefully we'll only have a few months to wait. The grapevine is currently whispering for a late March launch with a November on-sale date; which one are you cheering for? [VG247 via TechRadar]