Star Trek Nerds in Epic Online Battle Over Correct Word Capitalisation

By Gary Cutlack on at

There's a stonking nerd battle going on in the editor comments section of Star Trek: Into Darkness Wikipedia listing, where furious fans have so far penned 45,000 words on the subject of whether the "into" part of "Into Darkness" should be capitalised or not.

As with some of the greatest, bloodiest conflicts in the history of humanity, this war started over one very simple argument; should the Star Trek into Darkness listing be moved to Star Trek Into Darkness taking into account the alternative capitalisation of the word "into."

The amazing, intergalactic argument has been raging since December. The main disagreement centres around whether four letter words should routinely be shortened in the film name as they tend to be in news headlines, or if it's a Proper Name Of A Thing in the Star Trek universe as managed by Paramount, so ought to be treated as such. [Wikipedia]