Surface RT Jailbreak Gets the Thumbs Up From Microsoft

By Sam Gibbs on at

Way to go Microsoft; this is the way to keep hackers onside. It's looked at the Surface jailbreak for Windows RT that lets you run unsigned, homebrew apps, and has declared it safe. Windows RT homebrew is go.

In fact, Microsoft went as far to say that:

"We continue to appreciate the work of researchers"

"This issue is not a security vulnerability"

I think that's about as much of a 'have at it' as you're going to get from a big corporation, but hell, it's better than the approach Apple takes at trying to stamp out the jailbreak community. With a bit of luck Microsoft will take the Windows Phone 7 jailbreak route, and unofficially support it. All it really needs to do is not deliberately close the loophole. Mac OS on the Surface is great and all, but I can't wait till some decent games get ported. Quake 3 on your Surface anyone? [TNW]

Image credit: Approved from Shutterstock