Take Dixons Out of the Dead Pool -- "Phenomenal" Tablet Sales Help Ensure Chain's Survival

By Gary Cutlack on at

There won't be any administration misery on the horizon for the Dixons group of tech shops, thanks to the electronics giant reporting a "strong performance" over the critical Christmas cash grab, aided by huge sales of tablets across its Currys and PC World stores.

Tablets didn't actually contribute a huge amount to the Dixons Group bottom line, though, with the chain claiming the low profit margins on the many cheaper models it shifted actually helped to lower its headline margin numbers.

Still, with a eight per cent like-for-like increase in sales across the UK and Ireland, at least there's no sign of any emergency fire sale on the horizon for one of our biggest surviving high street chains. Your local Currys will not be a Poundland by the summer. [Dixons [PDF] via BBC]