Tesco and Asda Will Refund HMV Gift Cards

By Chris Mills on at

Are you one of the many poor unfortunates who got an HMV gift card for Christmas? If it was bought from Tesco or Asda, you're in luck -- the two mammoth chains will accept 'em in-store. To the supermarkets!

Both Tesco and Asda will swap you an HMV gift card for a Tesco or Asda one of the same value. While that's not quite the same as getting your cash back, it's a damn sight more useful that an HMV card -- which is now nothing more than a nice souvenir of the halcyon days when you could actually buy stuff on the high street.

There's no news on whether or not other stores that sold HMV gift cards are planning on following their lead. In the meantime, people who bought vouchers with a credit or debit card should be able to claim their money back.

I'm totally certain that this PR stunt had absolutely nothing at all to do with horse meat. [MoneySavingExpert]