Tesco Tries Its Hand at Terrible Twitter Horse-Meat Puns

By Chris Mills on at

If you've been on Twitter during the whole HorseburgerGate thing, you've probably had your eyeballs violently assaulted by an absolute crapload of the worst puns the internet has to offer. I'll be honest, even we've had a stab. But I never thought Tesco would have the gall to join in. Boy oh boy, was I ever wrong.

In public, Tesco did the whole "I'm a mature, grown-up business and I'm going to apologise for my mistake" thing, but in private, you can tell that they've been rofling and lol-ing all over the place. This is clear because last night, the Tesco Twitter account posted this:

Not only is it an affront to basic humour, and a cringe-worthy pun to boot, but it's way inappropriate for a company that's been secretly feeding its customer Ireland's finest horse-burger. They've said they "regret" the tweet this morning, but c'mon guys, we're not gonna fall for that one again. [Metro]