The 5-Inch Ascend D2 Takes the Torch as Hauwei's Flagship

By Eric Limer on at

Huawei isn't the biggest player in the phone game, but it's making moves to step up. Huawei's taking another stab at high-end relevance with its new Ascend D2, which looks like it could be a nice device if it isn't plagued by delays.

The D2 rocks a 5-inch 1080p edge-to-edge display with a ludicrous density of 443 ppi, a 1.5GHz quad-core processor, a 13MP camera, and a 3,000mAh battery that boasts an (alleged) 2-day battery life. It's also exteremly water-resistent, and made it through a serious splashing on stage. It's an Android Jellybean device, and also has built-in augmented reality navigation capability, and split-screen multi-tasking.

In short, the Ascend D2 to is more phone than its predecessor in just about every way, and looks to be trying to hang with the big names in the smartphone arena. But considering how long it took the D Quad to get to market, you might want to meter your expectations. Huawei may not have broken through with its first Ascend, but it's clearly not giving up.