The Apple TV Has Just Taken One Massive Step Towards Becoming a Mini Mac Under Your TV

By Sam Gibbs on at

There's no doubt the Apple TV is an "intense area of interest" for Cupertino, Tim Cook said so himself. In fact, the Apple TV could be the future of Apple right there in that tiny little puck. With iOS 6.1, the plucky mini black box just took a massive step forward: you can now hook up a keyboard to it. Are apps and Safari next?

Bluetooth keyboard support has been on the cards for a while now, but the latest iOS update has finally delivered. Basically, Apple has just updated the Apple TV to give it the framework of a tiny Mac Mini. And given that the black puck is essentially an iPad without a screen, there's no reason it can't do anything you can do with an iPad, or more.

Now, does that mean we'll get mobile Safari pushed to the Apple TV? Maybe, although who really wants a full web browser on their damn TV? It's a truly terrible browsing experience. I don't know about you, though, but apps on my Apple TV would be awesome, and here's why.

Imagine all the catch up services, or any number of streaming services, each with their own app. Click on BBC iPlayer, hop across to Netflix, LoveFilm, or even Demand 5. Then there's all the iOS games -- with one quick flick, Apple could have a full-on games console on its hands, and for just £100 a pop too. Hell, I'd even be up for some light Tweetbot or Facebook action from my Apple TV, if I had a Bluetooth keyboard to hand.

Loads of rumours have revolved around Apple building a full-blown HDTV, but maybe this is the way Apple's really heading? Valve seems to think there's something worth exploring in the living room with its Steam Box, so is Apple heading the same way? I don't know about you, but the thought of a tiny Mac under my telebox is mighty appealing.