The best games for your Samsung GALAXY Note II

By Your Mobile Life on at

The Samsung GALAXY Note II makes a great mobile gaming device, with the high quality expansive screen and quad-core processor making it ideal for casual and hardcore gaming alike.

Here is our pick of the best games for your GALAXY Note II.


Fruit Ninja


Fruit Ninja is an absurdly simple game. 3D animated fruit fly across the screen and you must use your sword to slice them in half. If you let three fruit drop un-sliced then it is game over. Simples.

The key to the game's success and playability is in how you use your finger as your 'sword', slicing it across the screen in smooth, fluid cuts - it just feels intuitive and right. With the Note II of course, we find that the S Pen makes an ideal pocket-sized blade.

A serene sensei dispenses advice and silly proverbs between stages and your fruit-slicing efforts earn you achievements for hitting certain fruit in order or destroying everything within a time limit. There are even achievements that you can only get by deliberately losing in a specific way.


Football Manager Handheld 2013


The PC and console classic's official mobile port is every bit the all-consuming time sucker as the original. You have the choice of practically every team of note from 14 countries that you can try guide to championship success.

Although not as insanely detailed as the full game there is a still an awful lot to do from arranging transfers to micromanaging training sessions and anxiously watching games from the touchline.


Spirit HD


Spirit is a hard game to describe. You are a spacecraft that floats around an energy grid, leaving a brief trail behind you. If you move quickly enough you can make a loop in the trail that will turn the area within it into a sucking vortex to capture your enemies, of which there are many.

The game has a pulsing soundtrack that helps get you into the flowing movements you need to effectively take out the increasingly tricky enemies and the unique control scheme. And dragging your finger or the S Pen around and the ship will follow it at a slight distance - quickly becomes intuitive.


Minecraft Pocket Edition


What can we say about Minecraft? The PC and Xbox game is a creative sandbox where you can build almost anything in creative mode or knuckle down to the loose quest and fight for survival while mining for resources.

The mobile game is, well, pretty much identical in many respects. Minecraft Pocket Edition is missing some elements (the actual quest isn't really there yet) but it is still a beta and updates come out every few months with new features. There is already an amazing amount that you can do and it is more than possible to escape into Minecraft's strange block-filled universe for hours at a time.


World of Goo


This strange game shares as much in common with retro classics such as Lemmings as it does a platform game. Your job is to move living blobs of black goo from one part of the screen to another.

You can encourage them to join together and make loose, wobbly structures but you must be careful that gravity doesn't intervene. Hours of puzzling fun with a great sense of style and presentation.


Angry Birds: Star Wars


It may seem as though there are enough Angry Birds games in the world. With this Star Wars licence however, all the elements of an Angry Birds game seem to be firing on all cylinders.

This is a winning combination of the classic Angry Birds formula with selected levels taking their cues from Angry Birds Space, with a great selection of strange gravity tricks. Plus, the addition of new birds based on characters from the Star Wars trilogy (complete with unique powers like The Force and Han's blaster) is the gloriously geeky icing on the cake.


Broken Sword: Directors Cut


Broken Sword is a classic point and click adventure from the 1990s, reworked for mobile in a seamless conversion job. The puzzles are tricky, the story is compelling and the characters have some brilliant voice acting and animations.

If you missed this the first time around, this mobile edition comes with extras like unlockable artwork and a prologue drawn by Watchmen artist Dave Gibbons. The GALAXY Note II's S Pen and expansive screen are ideal for the kind fine-tooth-comb tapping this kind of game requires.




From the 3D graphics (which are buttery smooth thanks to the GALAXY Note 2's quad-core CPU) to the cunning level design, this is a game that can truly lay claim to the description 'console quality'.

The gameplay and presentation is reminiscent of PlayStation 3 classic, Little Big Planet. Cordy must travel around the 3D landscape collecting electricity to fill up his meter then connect the power cable at the end of each level.

Obstacles and puzzles are many and varied and there are plenty of secrets to keep you coming back for hours of gameplay.


GTA: Vice City


Guide vengeful hoodlum Claude around the massive open world of Liberty City, completing criminal missions to follow the game's main plot or just wandering freely while living a life of crime.

This is a near-perfect conversion of the oh-so-controversial console and PC classic that actually manages to improve on the original in some areas. The controls work beautifully on the GALAXY Note II's generous screen and the quad core processor makes short work of the game's 3D graphics.


Dead Space


The original Dead Space on PS3 was a dark, twisted piece of survival horror set on a derelict spaceship crawling with zombie-like 'necromorphs'. This mobile version, amazingly, manages to cram in almost every single feature of the original game and marries them with an all-new plot.

The game makes excellent use of subtle lighting and eerie sound effects to elicit its jumpy brand of horror. The game's main innovation - the need to dismember creatures rather than simply shoot them in the head – works superbly with the GALAXY Note II's touchscreen, as you slash at limbs using a fingertip or the S Pen to guide your weapon.