The PlayStation 2 Is Finally Dead

By Sam Gibbs on at

Yep, that's right. Sony was still actually making PS2s over six years into the reign of the PS3, but no more, in Japan at least. 150 million PS2s, and well over 12-years later, Sony's finally stopped making new PS2s. Is the PS4 right around the corner?

Released way back in March 2000, the PS2 even outsold its younger, more powerful brother, the PS3, in its first three years of life. Apparently people are still making new games for it too, with a Final Fantasy­ game in the works, due for release in March this year.

Japan is Sony's home territory, which means it leads first, normally. By killing off PS2 production, it's spurred rumours that Sony's finally getting ready to spit out the PS4, which would certainly make sense. Kill one dying production arm to release resources for another. Still, Sony has yet to actually say anything about a timescale for the PS4's release. It has to be relatively soon though, surely? Sony can't want Microsoft to get in their first again, and nuke the market with the Xbox 720 before Japan can mount a response? Anyway, goodbye dear PS2, we all knew you well, and we all loved you, even if I did personally love the original Xbox just a tad more. [Famitsu via BBC]