The Valve Steam Box Is Real and It's Currently At CES

By Sam Gibbs on at

After rumours, speculation, confirmation, and then yet more rumours, we finally have a glimpse at a real-life, working Steam Box. It's code-named 'Piston' and it's being made by a company called Xi3 Corporation, in whom Valve has plunked a load of dosh. Oh, and it's tiny.

Xi3 is a micro-PC specialist, and it's using its own X7A system as the basis for the Piston. Apparently the fully-finished Steam Box will pack a quad-core chip and 1TB of storage. Other specs are in short supply, but it'll come packing HDMI out and more USB ports than you can shake a stick at, plus it'll be upgradable, because the motherboard is said to be modular. Not that you'll fit regular PC components in that small a box, but at least you won't have to junk the whole thing, should Steam games demand more specs.

Valve Steam Box Piston

The tiny Piston cube certainly looks the part, and wouldn't go a miss sat in with all your other AV equipment, plus being that small, hopefully it'll be quiet too. Valve really could be onto a winner here if the Steam Box is priced right. [CVG, Kotaku]