The World Must Be Ending -- Facebook Actually Lost Users in the UK

By Sam Gibbs on at

As amazing as it sounds, the social network juggernaut that's almost to big to fail, actually lost 600,000 users in the UK over Christmas. Looks like a load of Britons had just plain had enough with Zukerberg's privacy invasions.

According to a report from SocialBankers, Facebook lost 1.86 per cent of its users in the UK. Yes, there's normally a seasonal blip, but apparently the UK was the only one of Facebook's top 10 markets to actually see a loss in December.

Has Facebook reached saturation point? Does anyone actually care? I can't say I blame people for jumping ship from Facebook, but then, how would anyone organise a party anymore without the big blue F? [SocialBankers via Guardian]

Image credit: End from Shutterstock