By Jesus Diaz on at

"Snakes on a Planet?" asks the Mars Curiosity Rover to herself, "no, but this sinuous rock formation I spotted on Mars looks like one." WHATEVER, Mars Curiosity Rover! I've had enough of your lies!

NASA calls this sinuous rock feature the Snake River. Which I like, even though it's neither a snake nor a river. It's actually a "a thin curving line of darker rock cutting through flatter rocks and jutting above sand."

The science team "plans to get a closer look at it before proceeding to other nearby rocks." According to Curiosity's scientist John Grotzinger:

It's one piece of the puzzle. It has a crosscutting relationship to the surrounding rock and appears to have formed after the deposition of the layer that it transects.

I like when John gets all geologically kinky.

The panorama was taken using Curiosity's Navigation Camera during the 133rd Martian day of her mission. [NASA]